BLF-Sexy lips generation

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BLF-Sexy lips generation

Product description

Reveriezone  follows the rationality of the physiological structure to find breakthrough products. Based on the tenet that oral sex is the closest or even surpasses sexual behavior in some aspects, we finally developed this subversive product called fellare. Using the functions of tongue vibration and lip occlusion, it can stimulate the pleasure of nipples and vagina to the greatest extent, and once fell into the state of orgasm. Small and portable, you can carry it anytime, anywhere, and it is easy to use.That means you can enjoy the tingling sensation of kissing your clit and nipples anytime, anywhere, free, orgasmic, and lucky.

The design of the flaming red lips can completely cover your labia, clitoris, nipples and areola, provoking you in all directions. Let your desire not be able to, enjoy 10 new bite modes, which are softer than men’s lips, bite skills that make you linger, 5 tongue licking vibration modes, moist and lingering pussy, instant numbness spreads all over the body, feel oral sex belt The thrill of coming.


Red lips simulation design, enjoy superb real oral sex skills.
10 bite modes, flexible and powerful, all-round coverage.
5 kinds of tongue vibrations to continuously stimulate C-spot orgasm.
3D wrapping, fully stimulate the clitoris, nipples…sensitive parts.
IPX6 waterproof, enjoy the fun in the water.
Silicone is soft and skin-friendly, focusing on women’s delicate experience.


10.63” * 3.39” * 3.7” / 270 MM * 86 MM * 93 MM


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