Contact Us and Frequently Asked Questions

In Billy’s toy box, we strive to provide customers with an amazing experience. We take pride in being helpful, approachable, and able to solve any problems we encounter.
If you encounter problems with your order or product, please refer to our FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer, you can always use the Contact us and our experienced staff will contact you as soon as possible.
Frequently asked questions
Where are you now?
Biliv’s headquarters is located in Dongguan, Guangdong.
Product Selection – Special Orders
At BLF, we strive to provide amazing products. But if there are products we don’t have, please send an email to Let’s see if we can place a special order for you.
Price matching
At BLF game box, we only sell the most reliable and best entertainment products in the world, and we do our best to provide customers with the highest quality products from trustworthy brands.
With the proliferation of low-quality, cheap, and counterfeit toys online today, we cannot provide matching prices. We have no idea if the products we find elsewhere come from reputable manufacturers in the same industry, or if they are low-quality counterfeit products.
Please be sure to contact our salesperson before preparing the order to ensure that you receive the most favorable price we can offer.
If you encounter difficulties in placing your next order, you may need to contact us. Some companies will label their purchases in the entertainment product industry.
The product has defects and problems. Please contact us for a free replacement.
Lost or delayed shipment/no tracking number/stolen items, please contact us promptly for handling.